Frequently Asked Questions

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Click-N-Lock Tiles are a type of hard flooring made out of stone polymer composite. They combine the durability of stone while being lightweight with a unique 4-layer core designed to retain a luxurious look for years. They are aesthetically appealing, highly durable and come in wood, stone and abstract finishes.

It enables the tiles to be laid with minimal effort and with hardly any expertise required by just clicking the tiles in place and locking them with each other.

You should call them Click-N-Lock Tiles.

  • Easy and glue-free installation
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, termite-proof, fire and scratch resistant
  • Highly durable
  • High density rigid core, much stronger than regular vinyl tile
  • Superior indentation resistance
  • Resistant to telegraphing
  • Resists fading, peeling, cupping, pet stains, odors, liquids and mildew

Carpet Tiles are a type of soft flooring which are essentially carpets that come in square tile or plank forms. They are easy to customize and manage, effectively reduce noise, cushion the impact of drops and falls, easy to replace and are extremely cost-effective. You can also choose different designs and combine them to create your unique flooring design.

  • Multiple design possibilities using a combination of different tiles
  • Easy to maintain Ideal for heavy traffic usage in commercial offices Stain and fade resistant, and offer sound insulation Easy to install directly on the floor’s substrate – no glue installation Reduces wastage during installation

Broadloom Carpets are a type of soft flooring. They are rolls of carpet that are laid down from one wall to the other to cover the floor entirely. They are lush in texture and soft to walk on, and are known to improve air quality, block sound transmission, and trap particles and allergens that can be later vacuumed away.

You should call them Broadloom carpet

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Anti-static and fire resistant
  • Acoustic sound and heat insulation

Greens are our range of artificial grass and fall under landscape flooring cateogory. They are Ideal for sports arenas, commercial applications, residential terraces and gardens. They are easy to maintain as they don’t require watering, weeding, mowing or patching and drain out rain water easily. They can high traffic zones like playgrounds and pet zones, and look great all year long.

You should call them Greens.

  • Provides the look of natural grass for years without the hassle of maintenance
  • Fit for horizontal and vertical landscaping
  • Easy to install
  • Water and fade resistant, and fire retardant
  • In-built easy drainage systems

  • Our products are easy to design, easy to install & replace, easy to maintain and highly durable
  • Along with offering products, we are also making the entire journey of browsing, selecting, designing, buying and installing or replacing a floor really easy for the consumer.

  • We don’t just offer products, but end-to-end solutions by helping the consumer choose the right product and design, finalize the BOQ, ensure last mile delivery and installation.
  • We also offer the promise of a strong brand along with warranty and post-purchase service which the Chinese manufacturers don’t.

  • You can check the designs out for each product in the ‘Product’ section on our website WelspunFlooring.in
  • You can also get in touch with one of our sales representatives by calling our helpline number 18001-2011-61

We are working on many more themes which will be available in the near future.

  • The issue with conventional flooring that is being used by most consumers is that it is extremely permanent, long-term and has very few design options. And that installing or replacing it is a difficult and tedious task so much so that the customers keep delaying a change in their flooring even if their floors have been damaged.
  • What we are offering with our new-age products is flooring that is light-weight, easy to design, easy to install and replace, easy to maintain while being highly durable. They can also be laid on existing floors so that you don’t have to remove your old flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are purely made out of polymer content whereas Click-N-Lock Tiles are made out of stone and polymer composite and are more durable

  • Click-N-Lock Tiles are more durable than LVT due to their stone content.
  • Click-N-Lock Tiles are water-proof which prevents them from swelling up under moisture unlike with wooden flooring

No. Its extremely easy to maintain our floors. Our hard flooring can be cleaned just like conventional vitrified tiles with water and our soft flooring can be vacuumed. We suggest you to shampoo our soft flooring once in a while.

  • Yes. You can mix and match our flooring products with different designs as they can seamlessly fit into each other
  • We also have another offering in our portfolio called Fusion Floors to address the same.

It is not costly when one compares the cost of ownership of installing a new floor. The cost of ownership includes the cost of product, cost of transport, cost of labour and cost of installation..

Yes. In terms of marketing, you will be supported by collateral like catalogues, lookbooks, brochures etc., retail branding like POS displays, product display units, banners, posters etc. and also through the awareness and drive created by marketing campaigns that will be run by Welspun Flooring

Yes. If you meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the desired product, you can get a design based upon your requirement.

Yes. You don’t have to worry about installation as we have trained an in-house installation team for all your installation woes.

No. We don’t advise you to use it on walls.